How the Local Panaderia Embraced the New Normal

How the Local Panaderia Embraced the New Normal  

by SecureCash 2021


Bread has been one of the go-to food for most Filipinos. There’s pan de sal with hot coffee for breakfast, pan de coco and ensaymada with ice-cold soda or juice for merienda, and cheese bread with milk for a late-night snack. Depending on your preference and no matter the time of day, there’s a whole lot of different bread and pastries available inside a Filipino panaderia (bakery).         

One can see the relevance of bread in every Filipino household from the number of bakeshops present as you walk down the street. Almost every neighbourhood has one bakeshop, even in remote areas. There are also bakeries open 24 hours a day. Panaderias have served many people, whether rich or poor, old or young; of different professions, from executives to orderlies, cash couriers to security personnel, government staff to medical practitioners. It has become a familiar sight in the country, just like seeing sari-sari stores (neighbourhood sundry stores) everywhere.    

With the Covid-19 pandemic threatening the health and safety of everyone, traditional bakeries in the country shifted their service scope and catered their customers according to the new normal. It involved accepting orders through call or online applications and offering delivery services. This way, their loyal customers can still have their favourite comfort food without the need of going out and potentially putting their health and safety at risk    

Gusto Bakeshop, a local panaderia serving classic bread in the community, has adapted to these new challenges as well. In the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Gusto had to close its stores to ensure the safety of its staff. After a few weeks, when they were able to open their stores again, they noticed a significant decline in the number of customers visiting their stores. But it did not stop them from reinventing their brand and reconnecting with their customers.   

Don Carpio, owner of Gusto Bakeshop shared, “The crisis affected our operations, production and store hours, as well as the demand for our breads declined due to less people going out. There were a lot of quarantine restrictions that limit our operations and new safety protocols that incurred additional expenses on our end. Because of this situation, we decided to create a website for our store and start selling it online. We started offering delivery service in our city, Sto. Tomas, then eventually expanded it to other neighbouring cities.”

As a community bakeshop, Gusto aims to provide families with easier access to their favourite bread and cakes despite the pandemic. They started managing social media to their advantage. They wanted to reach more customers, so they posted a list of their products through their Facebook page and shared it to different FB groups. They created ads to boost their online presence. Their efforts pulled in an encouraging outcome based on the positive feedback and product reviews from their customers.         


Safety and Security 

In terms of health safety and security, Gusto Bakeshop ensures that its products are delivered in accordance with health protocols. Their delivery riders are required to always wear face masks and face shields when delivering their products. Don stated, “We also had a rapid test for our riders to make sure that they are negative and safe to interact with our customers. There is limited interaction when they deliver, they just hand over the items and collect the money or other customers opt to pay online for easier transaction and minimal contact.”

Bringing alcohol and disinfecting the hands before and after delivery has become a habit. In-store staff and customers are also given access to alcohol or hand sanitisers. And during the food production process, the designated production area is enclosed and equipped with the necessary tools to keep food safe. The production area is disinfected accordingly and cleanliness is well-maintained.  


Reach of Delivery    

Without a doubt, the pandemic has affected everyone’s way of living. It affected how people get by with their day-to-day activities while avoiding getting infected or contracting the virus from just about anything they touch and interact with. Going to the grocery stores has become a challenge when you have to wait in a long queue to buy your food and necessities. 

 Bakeshops, especially the small community bakeries, became one of the vital sources of food, particularly at the time when granular lockdowns were in place. Community bakeshops were able to provide a daily source of bread and even cakes for small celebrations. Access to these bakeshops is much easier due to their close proximity.  

Gusto Bakeshop can deliver to the City of Sto. Tomas, Tanauan, Malvar, and Lipa City, Batangas. Their bread, cakes, and pastries are available at their store while some products are exclusive for pre-order through their online sites only. Deliveries are done from 8 A.M. to 3 P.M., Tuesday to Saturday, excluding public holidays. So be sure to select your specific delivery schedule upon check out.



If you have not tried any of their products yet, here are their must-try specialties as recommended by Don: 

For our breads, you must try our Pinoy Hopia, which are made from sweetened onions and it is one of our products that people line up to before the pandemic. Also, you must try our Pan De Coco, which has a rich flavor of coconut and balanced sweetness to it. 

For our pastries, you must try our Hundred Gram Crinkles and Palm-size brownies. These two have 2 flavours, chocolate and choco butternut. Our customers really love our choco butternut versions for this.    

For our cakes, our Banana loaf, carrot loaf and choco butternut loaf are staple crowd favorites but you must try our choco butternut cake as well! You will surely love the flavor of chocolate with your favorite choco butternut toppings. Kids love it too! 

You can also try their smooth and creamy baked cheesecakes! (available for blueberry, oreo and mango toppings)

Since 1988, Gusto Bakeshop has served the Filipino community with delicious treats that they deserve. They look into the future with the enthusiasm of being a well-loved presence, a brand that preserves the Filipino bread legacy and will continue to make it known to the next generations. 


For more information about their products, you may email them at or call 0917 502 6856. You can also message them on facebook at