Our Story



The bakery started on December 8, 1988 as a local panaderia serving classic breads like pandesal in the community. It started with a small space that was developed through the years. From serving classic breads it evolved to serving a wide variety of filipino breads, adding products such as kabayan, kalihim, monay and many more. And now, it is now called “Gusto”. A modern panaderia that will be serving new flavors, cakes and pastries but still preserving the classic panaderia breads.

Gusto means to like or to want something. It is inspired on giving our customer satisfying and comforting experience through our new products. Gusto because its something that you want, something na babalik balikan mo. Gusto bakeshop aims for our customers to taste the classic breads but to also try to taste new flavors in our cakes and pastries.

There is no stopping for us to want something for ourselves. We create breads that we believe will satisfy and comfort us any time in a day. We believe that we work hard enough for us to deserve yung Gusto natin. We want you taste our products and say, “Gusto ko to!” Or “Ito yung Gusto ko!”

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